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ADESA is committed to providing quality due diligence, environmental reporting, and asbestos building inspections at highly competitive prices.  Our duty is to protect our clients from environmental liability by providing services in compliance with State and Federal environmental regulations.  We are based in Olympia, Washington with a service area that extends throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report is at the heart of a good due diligence program.  ADESA’s Phase I Environmental Site Assessment report is concise, easy to read, and fully compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency’s All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) Rule and ASTM 1527-05.  Due diligence in the form of environmental site assessments is usually required in situations involving the acquisition of a property such as required by a financial institution/lender; the Fee to Trust Process for tribal entities; the NEPA/SEPA processes; when State/Federal money is used such as a property acquisition grant.  ADESA recommends that all of our clients perform due diligence prior to finalizing all property acquisitions.

Our AAI Environmental Professionals have completed hundreds of Phase I ESA on a diverse array of sites across the United States.  Some of the sites include:

Fuel Stations
Truck Stops
Automotive Repair
Chemical Manufacturing Facilities

Rural Properties
Plywood Mills
Ecologically Sensitive Areas
Hatchery Facilities

ADESA's Asbestos Building Inspections are in compliance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requirements of the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA).  All of ADESA’s inspectors have been AHERA certified to perform asbestos building inspections for a minimum of 5 years.  This means that our inspectors are well versed in the types of building materials likely to contain asbestos, and the process of submitting a demolition or remodeling permit to your local permitting agency.  In Washington State all permits for demolition or remodel must be accompanied by an asbestos building inspection report.

Landlords, Property Managers and Owners: ADESA is now offering tenant compliance assessments under our Tenant Compliance Assessment Program (TCAP). The purpose of TCAP is to identify potential environmental problems on privately and publicly-owned land and to ensure that local, state and federal regulations and policies are observed by tenants. Information on each tenant will be tracked under a system that helps identify tenant operations, permits and other environmental data. Scheduled and spontaneous on-site inspections will be performed at the properties to provide guidance on environmental compliance issues and to ensure that properties and the environment are being protected from potential commercial and industrial impacts.

Click below to print a copy of our General Services and Asbestos Services Brochures. The general services brochure has basic information about the types of projects that we are interested in and the services that we provide. The asbestos brochure contains frequently asked questions and additional information about asbestos regulation, common type of asbestos containing building materials, and other asbestos related information. Click the back arrow on your browser to return to the homepage.

General Services Brochure

Asbestos Brochure


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